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My past two months in point form

Why do I even have a LJ ;; Anyway...

• I got Yun and chibi!Reiss back from allemarthe! Like ages ago actually... pictures to come soon I hope...? /bricked

• I finally had my first job ever that I stuck to for about two and a half, three weeks? =A= I did customer service and IT certificate sorting, and working with my cousin and aunt wasn't as stifling as I thought since Cousin's in a different department and Aunt's an Account Manager. Eight hundred bucks for that amount of time isn't too bad I suppose although I won't really have anything after paying off what I've been owing people... OTL so since they want me back for an admin position in Finances I just might take it til school reopens.

• I got a Yeonho head for cheap without needing to split anything 8D Yeonho is Reiss's present form— it's not as complicated as it sounds I swear— Reiss's like half Korean and half Dane/Danish/whatever people from Denmark are called and the seller (Ponpyon from DOA) is from Denmark, I love this sort of coincidence XD He'll be off to Crobi in a bit for his faceup. His body... is a story for some other time >__>;;

• I've been in Hong Kong for the past six days around the Kowloon area (I FUCKING LOVE OCEAN PARK OMG~~~~ THE FLASH AND HAIR-RAISER ♥♥♥ Disneyland would've been fun for me if I were ten years younger and the Ladies Market at Mong Kok was bloody MADNESS I spent the whole time at Toast Box OTL) and the moment I got back I contracted flu. =A= My first New Year's present, hardy har har.

And speaking of Hong Kong, I went with somebody...

Me derping all over Yun in our room in Kimberley Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui. XD Weirdly enough I didn't take him out at Tung Chung which is where he would be living, in his story. Was too busy shopping and taking jump shots outside City Gate 8D
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